Real-time insights with our in house telematics solution

Our telematics solution, created in partnership with GEOTAB, makes fleet management effortless. Monitor vehicles’ condition and performance, driver behaviour, fuel levels, and much more, all in real time.
Predictive maintenance

Maximize vehicle uptime with predictive maintenance. Stay informed when your fleet vehicles need service or maintenance, including tire rotations. Drivers can add their own notes to ensure immediate notification of any relevant issues.

Risk management and driver safety

Track driver behavior in real-time, send in-car safety notifications based on your safety policy, and use data to reconstruct collisions and present safe driving reports to lower your insurance premiums.

Fuel management

Reduce your fuel costs by leveraging efficiency insights and accurate fuel tracking. Increase route and dispatch productivity, and decrease fuel theft.

Compliance and sustaintability

Use telematics to cut your fleet's carbon emissions. Monitor emissions benchmarks, track excessive fuel use and vehicle wear, plan efficient routes, and keep your vehicles in its shape.

Fraud prevention

Prevent unauthorized vehicle use, track when employees go off-task, and avoid insurance and fuel fraud.

Centralized fleet management approach

Bring all your data in one place. Integrate our telematics solution with your favorite devices and services using seamless native integrations or custom APIs.

Robust information
Inform your business decisions with reliable real-life insights

Competitive advantage nowadays is unimaginable without intelligent data solutions. Our telematics system offers fleet data to help you make informed business decisions and speed up your operations. Never rely on assumptions.

real time data
React fast to changing enviroments by utilizing real-time data

Manage your fleet with ease using the power of AI and data intelligence. The combination of wireless communication, vehicle monitoring systems, and location devices will enable you to resolve any issues on the go.


Using telematics
to increase fleet profitability

Discover the benefits of implementing advanced communication technologies in managing fleet vehicles to minimize risks and boost productivity and profitability.

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Maximize your fleets Productivity

Improve the productivity, safety, and cost-efficiency of your fleet. We offer a broad range of fleet services to streamline the management of your vehicles.

Fleet card

Consolidate all your monthly fuel and maintenance purchases in one invoice with Canada's number one fleet card.

Safety management

Protect your drivers and vehicles by managing your fleet's operational risks with a holistic fleet safety program.


Maximize your profits from selling used vehicles with our expert support. Faster turnaround, higher returns guaranteed.

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