Cut emissions with sustainable fleet management
We can assist you in reducing your fleet's emissions through a customized decarbonization strategy. Our experts advise you regardless of your preference for fuel-efficient gas/diesel, hybrid, electric, or fuel cell models.

High-level examination of goals, timelines and feasibility of converting your fleet.


More comprehensive & detailed examination, specific plans on integrating hybrid/electric/hydrogen vehicles into your fleet.


Execution of the plan design.


You've started the pilot, now it's time to focus on gathering data and analyzing to optimize and make long-term decisions. 

We'll Get You There!

One of the most important decisions you’ll make on your journey to a zero emission fleet is selecting a fleet management partner. Selecting the right partner upfront is crucial to scaling your fleet quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

The right vehicle for the job

Reducing emissions won’t impact your fleet's productivity. We offer you the solutions with the right technology. We’ll consider your location, geography, vehicle’s purpose, and range requirements.

Government incentives

Acquiring vehicles with less emissions doesn't have to be pricey. We assist you in decreasing the acquisition cost of vehicles and charging infrastructure by utilizing all available government incentives. 

Lifecycle cost forecasting

Zero-emission vehicles have different lifecycles from gas-powered ones. We conduct practice-based studies to anticipate and identify the total cost of ownership (TCO) for various vehicle types.

Improved resource utilization

It's not just a matter of replacing gas-powered vehicles but also optimizing existing operations. Plan better routes and improve driver behavior to take action today while saving money.

Predictive maintenance

Healthy vehicles help the environment. Our fleet card program, combined with telematics solutions, minimizes maintenance administration, so you can prevent damages instead of reacting to issues.

Pilot program planning

Start with a pilot program by integrating a few test vehicles into your fleet to gather insights and assess their performance. Use your actual data to determine how to roll out your zero-emissions fleet.

Canada EV Readiness Index 2023

With this helpful guide, you can tell if your fleet is ready to go electric in 2023. 

· Climate suitability and the role it plays in the index's weighting system.

· The index rank on provinces and territories across Canada.

· Assessment of public charging infrastructure.

Our approach
Plan your zero-emission fleet with professionals

Count on our expert team throughout your transition process. We'll take care of:

· Assessing your work requirements, range needs, and planning the most efficient routes to minimize emissions.

· Creating a mix of sustainable vehicles that aligns with your budget and brand.

· Outfitting the vehicles and organizing commercial leases on your behalf.

· Delivering the vehicles to your location.

· Offering maintenance support.

· Recommending the installation of telematics/GPS to reduce emissions further.

· Providing ongoing advice.

· Managing reselling if needed.

our approach
The only fleet card you'll ever need

Our services are scalable and can grow with your business. Whether you're a small business just starting to build your fleet or a large enterprise managing thousands of vehicles across the country, we offer expertise and the latest technology to increase your fleet's efficiency and lower your costs.

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Zero-emissions vehicles

Consider switching to zero-emissions vehicles to reduce your organization's greenhouse gas emissions. We can help you transition to an electric or fuel-cell fleet in a smooth and cost-effective manner.

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