Short-Term Car Lease for your business

We understand that your vehicle needs may vary over time. That's why we developed a flexible and affordable monthly vehicle rental program for Canadian businesses.
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Cars, vans and pickups for 30 days

We guarantee you get the vehicles you need, from light passenger cars to medium-duty trucks, all for the lease length you need.

Fully equiped work-ready vehicles

You get work-ready vehicles with upfitting, safety equipment, and even branding. We deliver and pick up vehicles across Canada.

Reasonable wear and tear policy

Our wear and tear policy accommodates the added stress on work vehicles, giving your employees the flexibility they need to complete their jobs.

Flexible mileage

Our mileage restrictions are set with commercial use in mind, allowing up to 5,000 kilometres per month without any additional fees.

Early termination without penalities

Lease for a minimum of 30 days and cancel month-to-month. You can easily adjust the contract length without penalties as per your business needs.

Affordable pricing

We provide you with the vehicles you need at some of the lowest prices in Canada.

We deliver fully equipped vehicles to the best lease terms

You receive branded and fully equipped vehicles with all required safety tools. We’ll use our extensive network to accommodate the delivery and pick-up of your vehicles across Canada.

Our fleet rental contracts adapt to your changing demands

We act quickly and straightforward: simple short-term lease agreements, reasonable wear and tear policy, no end of contract settlements. You can cancel the contract after one month without any notice. If your business needs to change, you can easily lengthen or shorten the contract without penalties.

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Zero-emissions vehicles

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