Fleet safety and risk management programs

Keep drivers safe on the road with a suite of services, advanced driver’s behaviour analytics and training programs. Manage risk to protect your investment and ensure smooth business operations.
Prevent and manage problems on the road

We provide a suite of services and training regimes to support your drivers, protect your investment, and keep your business running.


Online Driver Safety Training

Improve your drivers' skills with advanced online corporate safety courses.


Driver Behaviour Monitoring Tools

Through our partner eDriving, companies enrolled in our driver safety program get access to the Mentor smartphone app, which monitors driver behaviours.

Driver Abstract Reporting

Reduce your liability and expenses by monitoring your drivers' safety performance history.


Accident Management Program Lite

Provide your drivers with an instant expert support in case of an accident with a live point of contact for drivers in the event of an accident, at all hours of every day.


Accident Management Program Supreme

Extra services for customers who prefer to have us manage the entire vehicle accident process.

Accident management
Get assistance immediately and at any time

Your drivers will have access to a toll-free emergency line that operates 24/7 in case of an accident. They will be given accurate information and instructed on the necessary steps to take at the scene to ensure that the accident is reported correctly and that everyone involved receives appropriate care.

Driver abstract reporting
Get a full control over potential safety hazards

To assess the driving abilities of your current employees or potential hires, analyze their provincial driving records. Our services include regularly collecting this information from respective authorities and evaluating drivers' records based on your company's specific safety policies. Make sure to acknowledge and reward exceptional performance, and work towards improving any areas of weakness.

Driver safety training
Eliminate dangerous driving habits

Monitor your fleet's safety performance in real-time. Our system identifies potentially dangerous driving behaviors and assigns high-risk profiles to drivers. Drivers with high-risk profiles must complete custom, in-person or online training. The training program includes both theoretical and practical in-car sessions, and is available in English and French and designed based on your company’s policies.

Can Fleets Prevent Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving is a huge issue, especially for fleets who operte many vehicles every day.

And unfortunately, it´s increasingly common.


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Maximize your fleet's productivity

Improve the productivity, safety, and cost-efficiency of your fleet. We offer a broad range of fleet services to streamline the management of your vehicles.


Maximize your profits from selling used vehicles with our expert support. Faster turnaround, higher returns guaranteed.


Monitor real-time drivers' behaviour with our telematics solution, developed in partnership with GEOTAB.

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Explore worry-free packages that include upfitting, vehicle storage, licensing and title management, and many more.

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