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Reduce your fleet’s fuel and maintenance expenses by up to 15% and minimize the time spent on administrative tasks.
Is a fuel discount a true saving?
Average fill up in litres
Current cents per litre discount
Hourly cost or revenue per fleet driver/vehicle
Fuel transactions per vehicle/month
Fleet size
from 5 - 15000
Fuel Discount

A fuel card that is offering you a discount at only one or two vendors does not give you the flexibility to gas their vehicle at a station on their route without driving out of the way, or the freedom to select a vendor with a lower pump price.

Having the flexibility of using a card with a 98% acceptance rate across Canada that will provide you with fuel exception reporting, consolidated billing and restricted purchases gives you true savings you can bank on.

Efficient fuel purchasing

Our fuel card is accepted at 98% of gas stations across Canada, saving drivers the hassle of searching for a specific fuel vendor. The card also helps choose the lowest-priced gas option available.

Maintenance repair supervision

Simplify repair authorizations for drivers by pre-approving maintenance vendors based on your spending limits. If the repair cost exceeds the limit, our technicians will confirm its necessity.

Significantly less paperwork

We manage your billing and consolidate all fuel and maintenance purchases into a single monthly invoice. You can review every transaction using online and offline activity reports.

Tire purchase handling

The fleet card program can include tire purchases, maintenance, and storage. We also consult on tire selection for your fleet’s unique needs and remind drivers of necessary replacements.

Real time spending tracking

Gain in-depth insights about your fleet through simple and customizable dashboards. Analyze all transactions, cardholder details, and spending patterns in one place.

Fraud prevention

Our cards automatically limit fuel spending to reasonable amounts based on historical data. If a transaction seems questionable, our system will either decline or flag it and notify you within 24 hours.

our approach
The only fleet card you'll ever need

Our services are scalable and can grow with your business. Whether you're a small business just starting to build your fleet or a large enterprise managing thousands of vehicles across the country, we offer expertise and the latest technology to increase your fleet's efficiency and lower your costs.

Our network
Nationwide fuel and maintenance network

We partner only with the best. Our fuel card is accepted at 98% of gas stations throughout Canada, and our maintenance vendors offer prompt and high-quality services at the best prices available across the country. You can rest assured that all your fleet needs will be met.

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Monitor real-time drivers' behaviour with our telematics solution, developed in partnership with GEOTAB.

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