Sell used fleet vehicles faster and get more value

We manage your resale plan and operations to ensure quick, profitable, and hassle-free sales of your vehicles and specialized equipment.
Get higher prices

Sell fleet vehicles at higher prices in less time, even for vehicles with higher mileage.

Sell faster

From wholesalers and auctions to online listings, use comprehensive servicesincluding remote seller tool.

Sell like industry insider

Rely on our industry connections and expertise to attract more bidders, achieve optimal conditions, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Provide transparency

Trust results in higher prices. We offer full transparency on vehicle history and condition through CarProof Reports.

Sell to employees

Benefit from higher resale price for the company and lower than retail price for the employee. We will handle the process.

Sell write-off and salvage vehicles

Get top dollar for write-offs and salvage vehicles. Our network and processes make it easy to sell challenging vehicles.

our approach
Let us be your one-stop shop

We offer comprehensive services to sellers, including access to extensive buyer networks, virtual and on-site auctions, and online listings. Additionally, we handle logistics, transportation, storage, and reconditioning of your vehicles prior to sale.

Maximizing reselling returns

Can you make more money by timing the resale of your fleet vehicles? This paper explains seasonal trends and provides tips for online vehicle sales. Although online sales have transformed the buying market, seasonal variations in used-vehicle prices still exist. This paper highlights the factors at play, including the online market's impact on pricing trends.

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Maximize your fleets Productivity

Improve the productivity, safety, and cost-efficiency of your fleet. We offer a broad range of fleet services to streamline the management of your vehicles.

Business vehicle leasing

Choose from open-end or closed-end lease offers—greater flexibility, fewer restrictions, and real benefits for businesses.

Short-term leasing

Lease a vehicle for 1-24 months with no early termination fees or end-of-contract settlements. Enjoy flexible mileage options and great rates.

Zero-emission vehicles

Consider switching to zero-emissions vehicles to reduce your organization's greenhouse gas emissions. We can help you transition to an electric or fuel-cell fleet in a smooth and cost-effective manner.

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