Tracking your drivers’ safety performance

Your drivers’ safety performance and history is essential to your company’s safety statistics.

For nearly all companies with large fleet investments, due diligence in tracking driver performance is critical to mitigating liability. Companies can decrease their risk of liability and unwanted expenses by ensuring that their fleet drivers have clean driving records.

For these reasons, Foss National offers our Driver Abstract Reporting Program.

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Provincial driving records for your analysis

With your drivers’ permission, we obtain each driver’s driving records from the appropriate provincial offices. Depending on your needs, we can collect records for prospective hires and/or current employees. Records can be gathered on a one-time basis or annually.

These driving records are useful for rewarding excellence or for identifying the need for retraining. When collected annually, they are useful for tracking changes in performance over time.

Linking performance to company policies

Most companies with fleet operations have policies in place for mandatory driver awareness and safety training programs. Provincial driving records are a key aspect of driver safety, and reflect a company’s due diligence and responsible fleet management.

When Foss National receives the abstract driving records, we review and categorize drivers into four risk results:

  • Safe
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

This data provides a strong foundation for a safety training program. We recommend that drivers who may present liability risk should be required to take a driver training or retraining, such as our Fleet Assessment and Safety Training (FAST) program.

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