Simplify toll payments, and never pay a toll twice

Tracking road toll payments—for every vehicle in your fleet, on every toll road or bridge in Canada—is an enormous administrative burden. Reconciling the many bills is tedious, and errors can result in duplicate payments, fines, and even plate denials.

Understanding Your Fleet Total Cost of Ownership

What are the most effective ways to reduce total cost of ownership?

It all starts with a solid understanding of your individual expenses and how they affect your overall costs.

This paper will provide you with actionable strategies to lower total cost of ownership, save money, and maximize ROI. 

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Toll Road Services from Foss National

Our Toll Road programs provide integrated solutions that ensure cost control and analysis of your fleet’s road toll charges. Our programs include:

  • Management and reconciliation of fleet-wide road tolls
  • Identification of duplicate bills or unnecessary tolls - for significant potential savings
  • Major savings in administration time and effort
  • Analysis tools to help you improve processes and planning

Automatic Toll Billing Reconciliation

Never receive a large “surprise” bill related to tolls—such as those from trailer fees, driver error or driver failure to pay. Never pay a duplicate invoice.

407ETR Monthly Maintenance

Manage the costly and complex tolling on Toronto’s busy Highway 407. This specific program provides a monthly review of 407 toll invoices. It manages transponder usage and verifies that your charges relate to work-related vehicle usage.

  • Verifies that charges are for legitimate trips
  • Avoids duplicate charges
  • Investigates Video Toll Charges
  • Tracks Minimum Trip Charges and Flat Toll Charges
  • Maintains license plate and transponders (replacing old/failing transponders)
  • Allows online plate changes
  • Monthly paperless billing via email
  • Consolidated breakdown of charges by driver, cost centre or department
  • Monthly summary reports

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