Increase your fleet’s profitability with telematics

To keep your business profitable and running smooth, you need to know how drivers are behaving on the road. 

Our in-house telematics solution—developed in partnership with GEOTAB—gives you the information you need to ensure your fleet is safe. It allows you to monitor for various flags, including seatbelt use, excessive speed, over-acceleration, and more. 

“Aggressive driving can lower fuel economy by 33% at highway speeds and by 5% on city streets.” - Geotab

How to Take Control of Your Fleet with Vehicle Telematics Data

How can you increase productivity and profitability in fleet vehicle use? WIth telematics! This paper shows how advanced communication technologies can be a wise investment.

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Use real-time data to better monitor your fleet

In today’s world, having information at your fingertips has become customary, and in

the business world, increasingly valuable.

Our telematics solution puts integral fleet data at your fingertips—empowering you to make sound business decisions and accelerate your fleet operations.

By integrating wireless communications, vehicle monitoring systems and location devices into one innovative offering, you can now gain valuable insight into your fleet.

Make better business decisions using robust information

Telematics offers the latest technology solutions that make it easier for your fleet department to stay ahead of growing customer demand and achieve the results you need. 

Our experts will help identify your challenges and build a strategy tailored to your specific goals and objectives. And, you’ll gain powerful analysis capabilities utilizing data gathered through Telematics.

With robust information like this, you’ll empower your organization to make the most educated business decisions. 

Gain insight into 5 key areas of fleet management

With telematics, you’ll achieve the results you want in five key areas:

  1. Vehicle performance

  2. Mobile workforce management

  3. Risk management and driver safety 

  4. Fuel management

  5. Compliance and sustainability

You’ll proactively identify maintenance issues, minimize risk, and comply with your organization’s green initiatives.

Additionally, you’ll ultimately create efficiencies, improve service delivery, lower fuel consumption, drive down cost, and maximize driver safety. How could anyone deny wanting benefits like that?

Make the potential of telematics your own reality. 

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