A flexible leasing solution for businesses who want all the benefits of leasing—without the long-term

We understand that your vehicle needs can change from time to time. Traditional long term leases may not offer the flexibility that you need.

At Foss National Leasing, our Flex program is a customized short term vehicle lease solution for business use. With Flex, you can lease a car, van, or pickup truck from one to 24 months, with the ability to terminate the lease after one month without penalty.

Benefits of Flex Short Term Vehicle Leasing

With Flex, you get work-ready vehicles, complete with any required upfitting or safety equipment. You’ll have access to everything from light passenger vehicles to medium-duty trucks—all for the length of time that you need. 

We can even brand each vehicle to your company’s specifications, so your image remains consistent while your drivers are out on the road. And through our extensive network, we’ll accommodate delivery and pick up across Canada.

Whether you need to lease a car for one month, 24 months, or anything in between, Flex is customizable to suit your needs. Our commercially attuned wear and tear policy allows for the additional stressors placed on work vehicles, giving your employees the flexibility they need to get their jobs done. 

With Flex, there are no end of contract settlements, so you can simply return the vehicles in compliance with our wear and tear policy and walk away.

With the Flex short-term lease program, you’ll have a minimum term contract of one month, which you can cancel with notice at any point after that.

If your business needs change, you can easily lengthen or shorten the contract without penalties. Unlike a traditional long-term lease, you’re not locked in for the term if your mobility needs change.

Your employees have a job to do, and that means they’ll be on the road—a lot. When designing the Flex program, we set mileage restrictions with commercial use in mind, allowing up to 5,000 kilometers per month.

We designed Flex to be a unique short term leasing solution for businesses across the country. Since it’s neither a rental offering nor a traditional lease, we’ve found a competitive way to get you the vehicles you need at some of the lowest prices in Canada. 

“We have recently utilized Foss’ short term rental program. The pricing, service and flexibility of this program gives us the ability to keep up with market demands, allowing us to pivot sooner than a conventional lease.”

Blair Steiner

VP of Operations, Surepoint Technologies

“Foss is great to work with, easy to work with, and there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to work with them. Which is what most franchisees are looking for. They don’t want it to be complicated, they want it to be easy, and certainly Foss makes the process easy.”


National Technical Director at Turf Holdings Inc./Weed Man USA

What to expect when you partner with us for short term vehicle leases

At Foss, we love helping companies like yours improve their operations with short-term leasing. Whether you’re a small business, a large enterprise, or anything in between, we’ll give you our very best: top-notch service with a human touch, designed to lower costs and improve efficiencies. 

When you sign on to our Flex short term leasing program, you’ll get the same great service that we provide with longer-term leases:

1. Research and Consultation

We begin by consulting with you and your team for a strategic analysis of your short-term leasing needs: how many vehicles you need, which makes and models, when you need them by, what kinds of upfitting they’ll need, etc. 

2. Strategy and implementation

Our account managers will come up with a plan to acquire your vehicles at an predictable price, brand and upfit them as needed, structure your short-term leases, and deliver the vehicles to you. 

3. Ongoing management and support

During the term of your lease, you will receive a single monthly invoice for all of your leases, detailed additional reporting can be provided upon request. We’ll be here whenever you have questions or need support with your vehicles or leases. It’s that easy!

Short Term Vehicle Lease FAQs

How much is a short term vehicle lease?

The pricing for short term leases varies by vehicle type. It is an affordable alternative to a rental while providing a lot more flexibility than a long term lease. Because of this, they’re the most cost effective option if you only need a vehicle for a short amount of time. A great mobility solution to help keep your operations running smoothly.

What types of vehicles can I get on a short term lease?

Whether your company needs a pickup truck, van, or car, short term leases are available to you. This includes everything from traditional ICE model vehicles to more sustainable vehicles, like fuel efficient, hybrid, and battery electric. At Foss, we’ll work with you to determine the right fit-for-purpose vehicle for your needs, and then structure a short-term lease based on your budget. 

How can I get a short term lease?

Contact Foss National Leasing and share how many vehicles you need, which makes and models you prefer, and when you need the vehicles delivered. We will handle the rest!

Learn more in: Need a Short-Term Lease on Vehicles? Check Out Our Flex Program

Can I assign a fuel and maintenance card to my vehicles on short term leases?

Yes! You can assign your Foss fuel and maintenance card to any vehicle that’s on a short term lease program with us. This will give you all the reporting information you need, including fuel exception reports, consolidated monthly invoices, maintenance history, and more. 

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