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Vehicle Operations Management

Our Vehicle Operations Management products help clients minimize fleet costs and increase driver satisfaction while ensuring vehicles are running efficiently and safely.

Foss National Leasing is Canada’s premier fuel and maintenance program card provider. We help organizations like yours regain financial control over their fleet by streamlining administration, reducing fuel and maintenance costs and identifying card misuse all while increasing driver satisfaction and reducing driver downtime.

Best of all, we make it as easy as swiping a card.

Managing a fleet of drivers and vehicles can be challenging. While you're running your business, you may not have time to field driver calls and questions. With the Foss FleetSource program, you can outsource as much of your day-to-day fleet management requirements as you need. It's simple and cost effective.

Licence plates require annual validation, a detail that is easily forgotten. With our Licence and Title Management program, we'll keep track of your license plate renewal dates and ensure drivers are on the road with properly titled, registered and insured vehicles.

Collecting and maintaining monthly mileage reports is a detailed and time-consuming job. Transferring the information into Taxable Benefit calculations adds another layer of complexity to the process. At Foss National Leasing we’ve developed innovative solutions that eliminate these formidable tasks from your administration.

Our Toll Road Services program provides integrated solutions for effective cost control and analysis of your road toll charges. This innovative program may also provide you with substantial savings through identification of duplicate or unnecessary tolls.

Fleet Telematics

By integrating wireless communications, vehicle monitoring systems, real-time fleet GPS tracking and location devices into one innovative offering – you can now gain valuable insight into your fleet.

Telematics offers the latest technology solutions that make it easier for your fleet department to stay ahead of growing customer demand and achieve the results you need.

Our team of experts can help to identify your current challenges and build a strategy tailored to your specific goals and objectives.