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Vehicle Asset Management

Our Vehicle Asset Management products help organizations with vehicle fleets of  all sizes - small, medium or large, effectively manage their investment.

Lease Vs. Reimbursement

A White Paper to help compare options to consider when financing your fleet.

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Fleet Leasing Management is about more than obtaining a vehicle that may do the job at the lowest payment. It’s about selecting the right vehicle that supports your particular needs at a cost-effective price while also providing the highest return.


Foss National Leasing thrives on delivering innovative solutions other providers can't. We're known as industry leaders, especially in developing solutions that save our clients money. When you need a modernized solution for your fleet, contact the experts at Foss National Leasing.

There may come a time when you need to take a vehicle out of service and store it safely. You may need a vehicle relocated to another city or moved across the country. When that happens call Foss National Leasing. Our Vehicle Logistics and Storage program has a cost-effective solution for you.

The Foss National Leasing remarketing brand continually leads the industry at auction. Our nationally proven results include higher resale prices and faster turnaround. That means lower fleet costs for you.