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Fuel & Maintenance

Foss National Leasing is Canada’s premier fuel and maintenance program card provider. We help organizations like yours regain financial control over their fleet by streamlining administration, reducing fuel and maintenance costs, identifying card misuse and fraud while increasing driver satisfaction and reducing driver downtime. And best of all, we make it as easy as swiping a card.


Control your Fuel and Maintenance Costs

We’ve written this eight-page White Paper to help you understand the available options to streamline your fleet costs and reduce administration.


Insurance, interest payments, licensing fees, taxes and depreciation account for over 60% of your fleet costs. These fixed costs, for the most part, are not manageable. The lease fee, which is an obvious place to seek savings, represents less than 2% of the spending. The remaining one-third of fleet expenses comprise of fuel purchases and vehicle maintenance; and together offer the greatest opportunity for reducing overall fleet costs.

We know that collecting, recording, and reconciling fuel and maintenance purchase receipts is tedious work. Our one-card solution will save you time allowing you to keep focused on your business and its bottom line. We have a solution: One invoice, one cheque.

Our passion for delivering value extends beyond managing the hard costs for your business. Our fuel and maintenance program will also help your drivers be more efficient by keeping them on the road and productive. We provide national coverage with a focus on driver convenience. Our cards are accepted coast to coast at national fuel, maintenance and tire companies along with thousands of independent service providers. The benefit is that your drivers can purchase the fuel and vehicle maintenance they require without disrupting their daily workflow and productivity.

Our clients demand flexibility and to accommodate this, we offer two distinct card programs:

CorpRate - Your drivers use the card for fuel purchases and vehicle maintenance as they need it. The decision for what is purchased remains with them.

Foss Fleet Advance - Enhanced functionality. With Foss Fleet Advance, control is transferred to our experienced Vehicle Maintenance Technicians (VMT) who will act on your behalf to receive the vendor authorization calls.

We provide on-demand fleet performance reports that allow you to analyze your fleet expenses. You can quickly identify high expense areas and review trends to fine-tune fleet policies and increase efficiency. Foss National Leasing also provides real-time fuel exception reporting to identify potential abuse or even criminal fraud within your fuel program. Our system constantly compares the latest available purchase data to your vehicle specifications including tank size and fuel type.

Welcome to CardArmour, an integrated solution utilized by leading fleet management companies to virtually eliminate fraud and misuse associated with fleet related payments.

The innovations team at CardArmour have developed a behavioural analysis scoring system that can identify potential areas of concern and the remedies to address them. We have developed very unique approaches to pattern analysis and driver behaviour changes. The effect on fraud and employee misuse has been profound across the entire customer base. 

Hand holding a CorpRate card

The CorpRate card program lets you focus on a blend of convenience, cost and control.