Coordinating your need for vehicles with the manufacturer’s production schedules

To ensure that you will be able to receive the vehicles you need, for the season when you need them, it is best to coordinate your orders with the manufacturers’ production schedules. Each year, the major manufacturers publish their build-out schedules for each model.

Links to the 2022 manufacturer build-outs will be coming soon. 

Factory Ordering for Savings

Should you buy your fleet from a dealership or order from the factory? This paper shows how to plan your factory ordering for maximum savings.

Ordering company vehicles from the factory (through a fleet provider) offer better pricing and other advantages, but it requires advance planning and limits your flexibility. This paper explains the many factors that should be considered when purchasing your fleet.

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Before submitting an order to Foss

1) Find the manufacturer’s last day to submit an order

2) Submit your order to Foss National seven (7) days before the manufacturer’s final order date.

To find the build-out dates: choose a manufacturer’s name, and the list of current vehicles will open. The list shows the last day to submit an order for each model, and the start date for next year’s production.

Please check back soon for the 2022 manufacturer build-outs. 

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