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It is essential to your business that every vehicle in your fleet is properly titled, registered and insured at all times. The risk of fines is one thing, but an uninsured vehicle is a huge liability risk.

E-fleets are coming. How can you plan for change?

It's not a question of if electric vehicles are coming. It's when. 

E-vehicles can provide significant benefits for many fleets.  Find out if they are right for you. 

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Licence and Title Management from Foss National

Our Licence and Title Management program coordinates all aspects of vehicle registration renewals for you, automatically. It includes:

  • Plate validation and renewal registration in all provinces, including those with mandatory government insurance
  • Foss National assumes the responsibility for timely, accurate renewals

Under this program, we maintain a database of your entire fleet. Before each vehicle’s renewal, we review the vehicle’s status with you to eliminate any vehicles that are leaving the fleet. Then we process and distribute the renewals as per your specification.

Minimum Hassle, Maximum Efficiency

  • Renewal fees are consolidated in one invoice
  • Ensured accuracy of renewals
  • Reduced fines and penalties
  • No driver downtime related to renewals (or missed renewals)
  • No effort or administration time on your part
  • We pay any outstanding violations, if required, before renewal, and include the fee in your monthly invoice.

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