ev incentives canada
25 Mars
Considering electric vehicles for your fleet, but worried about the cost? We’ve got some good news for you.   Since May 2019, the federal government has been offering key incentives that make EVs more accessible for individuals and businesses across Canada. In this blog, we’ll share details about the incentives, and how EVs may be able to lower overall fleet costs.
16 Août
In July, the Ontario government cancelled its electric vehicle incentives. Now, the rebates for EVs and charging stations are gone. What does this mean for your fleet? Should you still invest in them? In this blog, we’ll address these questions and identify three benefits of EVs, regardless of government incentives. Click here to download our comprehensive guide on adding electric vehicles...
14 Juin
Hearing a lot about electric vehicles lately? We’re willing to bet you are. And it’s no wonder, because the EV revolution is happening faster than anyone predicted. As a result, fleets now have the unique opportunity to position themselves as technology and sustainability leaders in their industry. Although electric vehicles will not work for all fleets, for many, they do have real advantages...
ev adoption
22 Mars
What are the biggest barriers to EV adoption for fleets? For many fleet managers, there are major concerns around range anxiety, and an uncertainty about the cost benefits of electric vehicles. But there is good news! The fact is, there are clear cost saving opportunities for those who adopt electric vehicles. And advancements in public charging, including workplace charging, ensure the...
23 Novembre
When choosing to transition your fleet to include electric vehicles, there are many factors that come into play. As a fleet manager, you will obviously find cost and convenience to be very important. In Canada, there are currently a number of options for electric vehicles. To help you understand the difference between these options, we have provided a comprehensive look at four types of electric...
close up of plugged in car
25 Octobre
It’s hard to have a conversation about fleet management these days without the topic of electric vehicles coming up. EV’s are becoming more widely adopted by both individuals and businesses across a variety of industries. In 2016 alone, electric vehicles sales jumped by 37%, and the growth in 2017 will be even higher. Many manufacturers are making great strides to include e-vehicles as...

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