Reduce costs and streamline your business: Outsource your fleet management with FleetSource

Your fleet is large. Some of your vehicles may be custom-equipped and extremely specialized. Managing the day-to-day maintenance and repair requirements for a large and unique fleet is an enormous burden.

Your business is challenging enough without also dealing with every aspect of running a fleet. The solution: outsource your day-to-day fleet management with the Foss FleetSource program. It's simple and cost effective.

Understanding Your Fleet Total Cost of Ownership

What are the most effective ways to reduce total cost of ownership?

It all starts with a solid understanding of your individual expenses and how they affect your overall costs.

This paper will provide you with actionable strategies to lower total cost of ownership, save money, and maximize ROI. 

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FleetSource: Strategic and logistical support for fleet management

The greater the number of vehicles in your fleet—and the greater the variety of vehicles—the more you will benefit from FleetSource.

You can outsource as many, or as few, aspects of fleet management to us. We are experts, and we are equipped with the technology to deliver real savings and meaningful improvements in efficiency.

An outsourcing strategy that is developed for your needs

We work with you to select the specific strategic and logistical services that will provide maximum benefits for your situation. Together we will analyze your operations, requirements and your policies relating to the use of company vehicles. We will pinpoint potential improvements and tailor a plan specifically for your fleet and organizational needs.

We will administer only those day-to-day functions that you choose. You will be in control at all times: you set the initial guidelines and let our experts execute the tasks. Periodic performance reviews will help us fine-tune our success and incorporate any required modifications.

Basic FleetSource Components

You can choose to outsource any combination of these services:

  • Leasing services include the procurement, capitalization, funding, billing and remarketing of leased vehicles.
  • One-Card services: CorpRate or Foss Fleet Management cards for fuel and maintenance.
  • Authorization and control of supplier or driver maintenance and service requests
  • Roadside Assistance program for 24 x 7 coverage
  • Driver Liaison service: an administrative “point of contact” for drivers, especially for issues including new vehicle ordering, fuel and maintenance card use, and other day-to-day vehicle-related issues

Additional FleetSource Administration Services

In addition to the basic components, add any of the following services:

  • Policy creation and management
  • Driver management
  • Operating expense management
  • Vehicle remarketing

Auditing/Tax/Insurance and Other Services

In addition to the basic components, choose from these audit and tax-related services:

  • Auditing services
  • Taxable benefits calculations
  • Insurance and license administration
  • Highway toll administration
  • Driver safety training administration
  • Logistics and storage

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