Fleet Operations Services

We offer a variety of fleet operations services that can minimize fleet costs, increase driver satisfaction and boost driver productivity, while reducing your administrative burden.

Fleet Outsourcing with Foss FleetSource: let us manage the day-to-day management of your drivers and vehicles. We can ensure that your people and equipment are deployed for optimum effectiveness—so you can deal with running your business, instead of running your fleet.

Vehicle licence and title: we can take care of time-consuming renewals of your vehicles’ licence, title, registration and insurance renewals, to save you time, reduce liability, and keep your drivers on the road

Mileage data and tax benefits: Fleet-wide mileage reporting is tedious and exceptionally time-consuming. Our innovative technologies can take care of collecting and maintaining reports, and ensure that you and your staff can accurately calculate their tax obligations for their company vehicles.

Toll road services: Our tools provide significant savings by tracking and analyzing toll levies in an effort to identify duplicate or unnecessary charges.

Fleet telematics: We can integrate the latest in location devices, vehicle monitoring and real-time GPS tracking to provide valuable insight into your fleet’s movements, so you can increase efficiency and agility, and improve your ability to respond to customer demands.

Powering Sustainability

More and more fleet managers are reducing fleet emissions in support of corporate sustainability objectives.

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Fleet Outsourcing

Your fleet is large. Some of your vehicles may be custom-equipped and extremely specialized.

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Licence & Title Management

It is essential to your business that every vehicle in your fleet is properly titled, registered and insured at all times.

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Toll Services

Tracking road toll payments—for every vehicle in your fleet, on every toll road or bridge in Canada.

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KM Tracking & Tax Benefit

For effective fleet management, and taxable benefit calculation, you need to collect and maintain detailed monthly mileage reports.

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