Innovative online training promotes safer driving habits

Most road accidents are caused by human error. Since your fleet is essential to your bottom line, it’s in your business interest to improve your drivers’ safety performance and habits.

With Driver Safety Training you'll be able to:

  • Analyze fleet safety performance and identify issues
  • Assess each driver’s abilities
  • “Flag” higher-risk drivers
  • Train new drivers of all levels of experience
  • Teach, or reinforce, safe defensive driving habits
  • Maintain excellent drivers at peak performance
  • Retrain drivers to improve their habits and sharpen their skills

Using Telematics to Increase Fleet Profitability

How can you increase productivity and profitability in fleet vehicle use? With telematics! This paper shows how advanced communication technologies can be a wise investment.

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Pro-active and Remedial Training to Establish and Maintain Driving Standards

Select from our library of lessons. They can be taken anywhere with access to the Internet. The lessons are private, interactive lessons, approximately 20 minutes long. At the end of each module, drivers are tested to certify their understanding.

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