Regain financial control

CorpRate is Canada’s leading independent fuel and maintenance card program provider. We help companies like yours regain financial control over their fleet by streamlining administration, reducing fuel and maintenance costs, identifying card misuse and fraud while increasing driver satisfaction. And best of all, we make it as easy as swiping the CorpRate card. At CorpRate, we’ve found a way to save you real money by developing innovative programs that empower you to control fuel and maintenance expenses.

Three C's - Convenience, Cost and Control

You face countless challenges every day, so a focus on fuel and maintenance controls for your fleet might not be a high priority. The problem is that you could be facing hidden costs and inefficiencies with the way you purchase, pay for and manage your fuel and maintenance. CorpRate’s program options lets you focus on a blend of Convenience, Cost and Control.

Proudly 100% Canadian

CorpRate is a 100% Canadian program and is ideal for all fleet sizes, across all industry types. Whether you own or lease your vehicles CorpRate is the solution for you.  Simply provide us with your vehicle data and driver information.  Once you receive your CorpRate cards you will regain control of your fleet expenses and maximize your fleet’s efficiency.

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