Innovative safety programs that protect your drivers, reduce company liability, and lower your total cost of ownership

Your fleet drivers are an integral part of your company operations. If they’re not safe while out on the road, the impacts on your reputation and bottom line can be disastrous. 

At Foss National Leasing, we take driver safety seriously. Our comprehensive corporate driver safety training programs assess each driver’s abilities and “flag” higher-risk drivers, analyze overall fleet safety performance while identifying risks, and provide training tools and solutions to proactively mitigate risks.

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No matter the size of your business, we’ve got you covered

Small and medium sized businesses

You’ve put a lot into growing and running your business. Ensuring drivers are safe on the road will protect what you’ve built by reducing risk to your company. 

We’ll customize a driver safety program that fits your budget and requirements, and help you make safety a key part of your company culture so it always remains top of mind.

Large enterprises

When drivers are safe on the road, your fleet is more efficient, you reduce vehicle downtime, and you protect your organization from risk. 

We have ample resources dedicated to policy compliance and high-risk reduction, and we’ll work with you to build a company-wide safety program based on current technologies and best practices. 

What’s Included in Our Driver Safety Training Programs

We can spec your vehicles with Geotab telematics devices, which monitor both the driver and the vehicle.

At the driver level, telematics systems help reduce dangerous driving behaviours such as speeding, abrupt acceleration/deceleration, or inconsistent seat belt use by sending drivers alerts when these behaviours are detected. You’ll have access to all driver behaviour data in your online portal.

Telematics also monitors the health of your vehicles and notifies you when a vehicle has a mechanical problem or needs essential service. This ensures no potential safety issue goes unnoticed.

If safety becomes an integral part of your company culture, it’s more likely your drivers will comply with safe driving policies.

We work with your organization’s leadership team to make safety a top priority, and then put incentives in place to encourage driver compliance. Using communication methods such as webinars, emails, printed materials, and more, we ensure your safety focus is well-communicated company wide.

Your fleet policy provides drivers with clear direction on your company’s safe driving expectations. If you already have a policy in place, we’ll review it and update it if required. If you don’t have a policy yet, we’ll create one for you based on fleet safety best practices.

We provide best practice recommendations to help you effectively communicate your policy to drivers, and they can access the policy at any time in our driver online portal.

When needed, our in-car training programs give drivers real-time experiences and feedback from a qualified trainer sitting right beside them.

Through our continual training model and our partnerships with dedicated provincial government-approved organizations, we can also schedule refresher driver safety training on a regular basis, and remedial training as needed to target specific problem areas.

Online driver training is cost-effective and convenient, providing drivers with instant feedback on their strengths and weaknesses.

Our program delivers online modules (in English and French) that cover key safety training topics, such as distracted driving, driver fatigue, sharing the road, and avoiding rear end collisions. Drivers then complete a comprehension quiz after each module to solidify their understanding. Our RiskCoach evaluation also auto-assigns modules based on each driver’s target areas for improvement./p>

Through our partner eDriving, companies enrolled in our driver safety program get access to the Mentor smartphone app, which monitors driver behaviours such as speeding, harsh turns, abrupt acceleration, deceleration, and more. This gives you essential data that shows how drivers are really behaving out on the roads.

The app also provides each driver with a daily score, which you can leverage for “gamification”, creating friendly competitions among drivers to see who can achieve the best score.

“Foss is great to work with, easy to work with, and there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to work with them. Which is what most franchisees are looking for. They don’t want it to be complicated, they want it to be easy, and certainly Foss makes the process easy.”


National Technical Director at Turf Holdings Inc./Weed Man USA

What to expect from our driver safety training

At Foss, we’re committed to keeping your fleet as safe as possible. Whether you’re a small business, a large enterprise, or anything in between, we’ll give you our very best: top-notch service with a human touch, designed to protect your drivers and your business. 

When you sign on to our driver safety training programs, here’s what to expect:

1. Research and assessment

We begin by running each driver’s MVR risk score or driver abstract report to identify their risk level. These reports allow us to evaluate your employees based on their driving history, and we can pull records from every province across Canada. After we receive the abstract driving records, we review and categorize drivers into four risk categories:

  • Safe
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

This data provides a strong foundation for our safety training program. 

2. Strategy and implementation

Based on the results of our risk assessments, we’ll recommend that drivers who present liability risk should be required to take a driver training or retraining program. We then organize online driver training sessions in either English or French, or put in-car training in place if needed. 

3. Ongoing management and support

Our driver safety program is ongoing, so we’ll continue to pull driver abstract reports at least once a year, while monitoring driver behaviour using industry-leading monitoring tools.

Fleet Driver Safety Training FAQs

What are the benefits of corporate driver safety training?

Driver safety training is proven to reduce accidents, which will help protect your business from liability, while preventing unnecessary vehicle downtime.

At Foss, our driver safety programs have been shown to reduce accidents for our customers by 25%. Fleet driver safety training keeps drivers up to speed on best practices such as defensive driving, which helps them to better deal with the distractions they are exposed to on the road every day.

Finally, when your drivers feel safe, it helps increase job satisfaction, and results in less stress for you, knowing your employees will safely return home after work each day.

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How does driver safety training lower my total cost of ownership?

If a driver is involved in an accident, you could be responsible for costs ranging from vehicle downtime and repairs, to the complete loss of the vehicle. If the collision results in an injury or fatality, you could be on the hook for up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in liability costs.

Safety training for company drivers helps prevent accidents and their associated costs from happening in the first place. Furthermore, it helps reduce behaviours that wear down vehicle parts and waste fuel (such as speeding and harsh braking), resulting in lower maintenance and fuel costs. 

Read more in How to Implement Fleet Driver Safety Training to Reduce Costs.

Does my business need driver safety training?

Sometimes businesses view driver safety training as an unnecessary expense. While there is, of course, a cost for safety training, the liability protection it provides your business is invaluable.

Corporate driver safety training helps prevent accidents along with their resulting costs and reputation damage to your business. It also reduces poor driving behaviours that drive up fuel and maintenance costs. Ultimately, driver safety training is an investment that will keep your people, your business, and the surrounding community safer.

It can help increase employee job satisfaction, and reduce stress for you, giving everyone more opportunity to focus on getting the job done and growing the business. 

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How much is corporate driver safety training?

At Foss, the cost of our driver safety training programs vary depending on the size of your fleet, your goals, and other factors. In general the cost is less than 25 cents a day for a driver risk and training assessment.

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