Optimize vehicle acquisition, while maximizing your cash-flow with cost-effective leasing solutions for business

You rely on fleet vehicles to keep your business thriving. Leasing is a tool that allows you to manage depreciation costs, free up cash-flow, and lower your monthly payments when compared to purchasing.   

At Foss National Leasing, we’re one of Canada’s premier business vehicle leasing companies. We understand that fleet leasing is more than just finding you a vehicle at the lowest price. Our focus is on choosing the best vehicles for the job, structuring leases in a way that works for your business, and then cycling vehicles out at the optimal point that provides the highest returns.

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No matter the size of your business, we’ve got you covered

Small and medium sized businesses

To keep operating strong, you need the right fit-for-purpose vehicles—on a leasing structure that makes sense for your business. 

Our flexible leasing options allow you to get the vehicles you need, for as long as you need, for a lower total cost of ownership than if you purchase. We also provide strategic guidance on vehicle cycling, allowing you to run a newer fleet of vehicles for less money.  

Large enterprises

For companies who operate a large fleet, we’re here to help manage the complex logistics of vehicle acquisition and cycling. 

We supply the data you need to make the most cost-effective leasing decisions, while providing flexible leasing structures. 

Our commitment is to streamline your  vehicle acquisition and leasing processes, while lowering your total cost of ownership.

Our Fleet Leasing Services

Choose from our flexible leasing options for business:

Business leases combine the flexibility of ownership with the cash flow and tax advantages of leasing. They provide a flexible lease term of two to five years, come with no kilometre limits, and no wear-and-tear policy designed for business use. Learn more about business leases

Short term leasing allows you to lease a vehicle from one to 24 months, with no penalties for early termination. Enjoy flexible mileage, no end-of-contract settlements, and competitive rates. Learn more about short term leasing.

With our factory ordering program, you can choose the exact makes and models you need, with no unnecessary add-ons. You’ll benefit from lower acquisition costs, Canada-wide delivery, and online tools that streamline the vehicle ordering process. 

We ensure each vehicle you order is fit-for-purpose, fit-for-budget, and meets the right specifications. 

Getting your drivers the right upfit is key for productivity and employee satisfaction. At Foss, our relationships with upfitting providers across Canada allow us to specify and source the right equipment for your business, while keeping drivers happy. We’ll capitalize the cost of the upfit to reduce your up-front investment, so you can spread payments out over the same period as your vehicle lease.

Our focus is on working with you to plan your vehicle upfitting based on each vehicle’s end purpose, ensuring both drivers and company leadership are involved in the process. Learn more about fleet vehicle upfitting here.

Our secure online tools allow you to view and monitor each vehicle’s order status and lease contract. Our driver portal provides drivers with secure online vehicle ordering.

Our portal also functions as a reporting tool developed to provide our customers with transparency to the management of their fleet. We are always innovating our portal and technology in order to provide the best user and data experience for our customers. We are proud to do our best to provide customers with accurate and efficient data management.

Coordinating your vehicle factory orders with manufacturer production schedules ensures you’ll have a wider selection of vehicles to choose from, and priority for vehicle delivery dates. At Foss, we provide our customers with manufacturer build out schedules at the beginning of each model year, giving you a leg-up with your vehicle acquisition process. Build out schedules are also posted on our website. 

Vehicle acquisition and leasing are just one part of the vehicle life cycle equation. For true fleet optimization, we track each vehicle’s depreciation and maintenance costs, using that data to cycle vehicles out of your fleet before their value begins to plummet and costs skyrocket.

This fleet management best practice lowers your total cost of ownership and reduces vehicle downtime, allowing you to operate a newer fleet of vehicles for less money.

“Foss is great to work with, easy to work with, and there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to work with them. Which is what most franchisees are looking for. They don’t want it to be complicated, they want it to be easy, and certainly Foss makes the process easy.”


National Technical Director at Turf Holdings Inc./Weed Man USA

What to expect when leasing vehicles with us

At Foss, we’re committed to finding you the right, fit-for-purpose vehicles and then providing the best leasing structures for your needs. Whether you’re a small business, a large enterprise, or anything in between, we’ll give you our very best: top-notch service with a human touch, designed to save you money and improve efficiencies. 

When you sign on to our business vehicle leasing program, here’s what to expect:

1. Research and assessment

To find the best vehicle, we begin by learning about your business goals, your resources, and your budget parameters. We source vehicles of all types, makes, and models. When we recommend a vehicle, we make sure it’s fit for purpose, keeping the end user and the job the vehicle needs to do top of mind.

2. Strategy and implementation

We interact with the manufacturer on factors like pricing, incentives, equipment, customization, painting, or decals. We may recommend factory customization or a customizing shop, depending on your individual circumstances. Whatever the recommended solution, we coordinate all aspects of the acquisition, customization, and timing.

3. Ongoing management and support

Finally, we’ll recommend a lease structure that best suits your requirements. It may—or may not—be the option with the lowest payments, as our priority is focusing on the lifecycle cost to your business. We employ statistical modeling based on decades of used-vehicle values to come up with the most cost effective leasing structure for you.

FAQs On Leasing a Vehicle for Business in Canada

What is a fleet lease and how does it work?

A fleet or business lease combines the flexibility of ownership with the cash flow and tax advantages of leasing. There are no fixed terms, no wear and tear policies, and no maximum kilometres. At the end of the term, your company is liable for the market value of the vehicle and accepts any financial gain or loss.

How to lease a vehicle for business

In Canada, you have several options when it comes to vehicle leasing. You can choose a lease-only provider, who will provide you with vehicles on a structured lease program.

However, for businesses, working with a fleet management company provides you with fleet optimization and total cost of ownership benefits that you won’t get through a lease only provider alone. Strategic fleet management services like fleet cycling, fuel and maintenance management, and vehicle monitoring technology are essential to running the lowest cost, most optimized fleet possible.

How many vehicle leases can a business write off?

Whether it’s one or more vehicles you need to lease, you can deduct the business percentage of each lease payment. As of January 1, 2022, the deduction limit on the monthly lease payment is $900 per month plus HST for new leases entered into, which works out to a maximum of $10,800 in expenses that are tax-deductible annually.

Our tax specialists can help you maximize the tax benefits of leasing, providing guidance on how much you can write off.

How much does a leased vehicle help business expenses?

Business leases help reduce business expenses in several ways, including improving cash flow management, allowing you to secure loans for other aspects of your business, reducing your fleet’s total cost of ownership, and providing tax benefits. Learn more in our blog: Should You Lease or Buy a Car for Your Business

Why should I lease through a fleet management company versus the dealership?

Fleet management companies bring years of experience in helping businesses optimize their fleets, lower their costs, and free up time. FMCs are brand agnostic, allowing you to add vehicles of all makes and models to your fleet on one consolidated invoice.

The biggest difference between an FMC (fleet management company) and a dealership is that an FMC offers open-end leases, whereas dealerships only offer closed-end leases. Open-end leases are beneficial for your business as they have no fixed terms, no wear and tear policies, and no maximum kilometres.

Beyond leasing, FMCs offer additional services that benefit your bottom line, such as fuel and maintenance tracking, driver safety strategies, data and reporting tools, and vehicle cycling.

Why should I lease instead of buy?

Business leasing (also called open-ended leasing) frees up operating capital and offers significant tax benefits. Furthermore, the flexible terms of business leases give you the freedom to add new vehicles to your fleet and cycle out older ones more consistently.

Leasing also facilitates lower maintenance costs, since it allows you to run a newer fleet of vehicles. You can easily cycle out older vehicles before their maintenance costs skyrocket.

How will I manage all of my leased vehicles?

A fleet management company can help you manage your leased vehicles. An FMC offers strategic guidance for acquiring vehicles and assists in cycling your vehicles at the optimal time to lower your total cost of ownership.

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