Oil & Gas Light Truck Fleet Maintenance: Interview with Savanna Energy

Any oil and gas fleet management professional will tell you, light truck fleet maintenance is a different ballgame when you are out on oil rigs in remote areas.

If you operate a fleet of vehicles under these conditions, working with a fleet management company can help you streamline your maintenance tasks. As a result, you’ll save money, and your vehicles will stay out in the field,...

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How to Implement Fleet Driver Safety Training to Reduce Fleet Costs

Having safe, qualified drivers represent your company on the road is critical to your business.

How do you know that each driver is a safe driver? Do they have dangerous driving habits? Could even one of them be putting your company at high financial risk?

It's proven that fleet driver safety training reduces collisions. Perhaps your company has 25 or 100 fleet vehicles. How...

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3 Simple Fleet Management Tips to Reduce Legal Issues

No fleet manager wants to deal with legal issues. But the reality is, legal problems can arise at any time, especially if you haven't taken proactive steps to avoid them. 

So to help you, we've come up with some simple procedures that busy fleet managers can follow, allowing you to avoid litigation, so you can focus on running your business. One simple and effective place to start...

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Fleet procurement strategy

A Fleet Procurement Strategy to Boost Your Bottom Line

What's the most important thing fleet managers should know about vehicle procurement?

Ask that question to different people, and you may get many different answers. While it's true there's a lot to consider in the vehicle ordering stage, the process doesn't need to be overly complicated. The best way to ensure you have all your bases covered is to create a well-thought-out, strategy....

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The Best-Kept Secret to Increasing Fleet Pickup Truck Value

Got fleet pickup truck value on your mind?

Maybe you're in the market for some new trucks to add to your fleet. Or maybe you're looking to sell some at an upcoming Canadian spring auction. Either way, you'll likely be thinking about how to achieve the highest resale value.

Like with all vehicles, this is something to consider from the buying stage all the way through to selling...

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How to Maximize Fleet Residual Value: Focus on Driver Safety

From our conversations with fleet managers and procurement officers, we know maximizing fleet residual value is always top of mind for them.

We often hear, "How do I get the most money back when I go off lease?"

For open-lease agreements, the risk is completely in the hands of the lessee. Therefore, it's important to proactively manage your fleet to get the...

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Free Wiper Blades at Mr. Lube!

From February 13 - March 19, get a FREE pair of Michelin Wiper Blades with the purchase of any oil change.

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What to Consider When Buying Fleet Vehicles

As a fleet manager, there are many cost-effective strategies to evaluate when purchasing fleet vehicles. Vehicle purchase price is not the only value factor you should consider in the buying process. We discovered that fleet vehicle buyers are typically focused only on the purchase price of the vehicle

One important thing that is often overlooked is the value of a...

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Company Cars and the Taxman. What Fleet Managers need to know - Not sexy, but essential

Calculating the taxable benefit of an employee’s company car has meaningful impacts on their take home pay. Doing it incorrectly may put the employee in a position to pay more income tax than required. And who likes to pay the tax man? The goal is to provide accurate documentation to keep the tax man satisfied. Tabulating the tax-ben value is, sometimes, a painful exercise made even more...

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Fleet Remarketing: Getting the Most Value for Your Vehicles

Vehicle remarketing is the controlled disposal of fleet and leased vehicles that have reached the end of their contractual term. That's the official terminology. You can call it whatever you want. With that in mind, it’s natural for fleet managers to think of remarketing as the last piece of the puzzle in their vehicles’ lease lifecycle. I believe a successful fleet management strategy should...

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Are Smartphones Really a Problem for Fleet Drivers?

Winter months mean a few things for fleet managers, but one of the biggest is knuckling down on safety. Dangerous road conditions abound, so you always want to make sure your crew is sticking to best practices. On that note, I have some important news regarding driving hazards: the biggest danger in the winter is not ice.

It’s actually the same as the biggest danger posed to fleet...

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Reduce Unauthorized Use of Company Vehicles With Telematics

Telematics is an innovative way to track company assets and is used widely to optimize fleets of vehicles. The word is a mash-up combining ‘telecommunications’ and ‘informatics.’ Telematics, is in the broadest sense, any integrated utilization of telecommunications technology with communication and information technology. It provides firms the ability to send, receive and store data concerning...

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Telematics Drive Profits and Enhance Customer Service

The science of telematics has revolutionized the way Foss National Leasing helps clients manage their fleets. However, I am often asked: “What are telematics?” and “How can telematics benefit my company?”  These are important questions, because the technology has evolved dramatically in the past decade.

More and more companies are using telematics to reduce costs and liability...

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How to Get Fleet Vehicle Volume Discounts

Negotiating fleet vehicle volume discounts can be daunting if you are unprepared. With a little homework you can talk knowledgeably to secure the best deals, maximize your fleet discounts and save money in the process.

Here are 5 important things to consider that will help you arrive at the negotiating table to discuss your company’s fleet needs and delivery timing requirements. Like...

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Buying Fleet Vehicles? Get Expert Insight on the Process

When buying fleet cars, there is a definite purchasing process and it is especially valuable to adhere to it if you are buying vehicles for a commercial fleet. By following the points outlined below, you should be able to take advantage of fleet discounts while buying cars directly from the factory.

There is a definite process to buying a car, and it is especially valuable to...

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