fleet risk management

Fleet Risk Management: How to Better Protect Your Business

Let’s talk about driver safety. And really, when you work in fleet management, it’s always time to talk about driver safety.


The last thing you want is for one of your drivers to put themselves, or someone else, in danger.

Since putting a driver on the road adds a layer of risk to your business, it’s critical to protect your...

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Electric Vehicles for Fleets: 5 Common Myths Debunked

Hearing a lot about electric vehicles lately? We’re willing to bet you are. And it’s no wonder, because the EV revolution is happening faster than anyone predicted. As a result, fleets now have the unique opportunity to position themselves as technology and sustainability leaders in their industry.

Although electric vehicles will not work for all fleets, for many, they do...

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Fleet customer service

How Great Customer Service Helps Fleets Stand Out

Running a business is a multitasking challenge. Among your many priorities, where does customer service stand?

If it's not top priority, it should be. Companies committed to customer experience consistently outperform their peers and have a clear competitive advantage. Successful businesses are 21% more likely to say customer experience is very important, compared to stagnant...

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GPS Data Security

How to Ensure Data Security When Selling Used Fleet Vehicles

Modern vehicles are computers on wheels. Electronic mechanisms not only control stop-and-go functioning, but also store user data. For example, GPS navigation systems are programmed with home addresses, garage door codes, and phone numbers.

Does your company thoroughly eliminate driver information before selling used fleet vehicles? If you don’t take steps to get...

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fleet management companies

Top 5 Ways Fleet Management Companies Help Save You Money

Whether you operate a small or large fleet, you want to be able to manage it effectively as you grow. It’s important to periodically evaluate your business to see if the time and resources you spend to acquire, manage and resell your fleet can be used more efficiently. That way, you can focus your efforts on doing what you do best.

Download our Complete Fleet...

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Foss fleet maintenance

What You Need to Know About Fleet Maintenance with Foss National

If you have a small-to-medium sized fleet, it might seem economical to manage vehicle maintenance issues by yourself. But a DIY approach involves hands-on and time-consuming tasks.

To do it properly you need to keep track of each vehicle's maintenance history. You must know about about vehicle technology, as well as the "going rate" for parts and service. If not,...

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marijuana legalization fleet policy

Considerations for Your Fleet Policy Following Legalization of Recreational Cannabis

Have questions around handling legalized cannabis in the workplace?

It’s been eight months since cannabis became legal in Canada. All employers have had to adapt —and businesses that employ drivers even more so.

To help you make sure your company policy is up-to-date, we’ve put together a list of common questions fleet managers have on this issue...

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4 Fleet Vehicle Upfitting Strategies for a Better Equipped Fleet

Thinking about your next vehicle upfit?

Make sure you plan it out properly from the get go. If not, you’ll likely end up with an unhappy driver, and an unsatisfactory upfit that cost you real money.

It’s important to remember that fleet vehicle upfitting isn’t just an added cost. It’s an opportunity to improve efficiencies and boost driver...

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how to reduce fleet costs.

How to Lower Fleet Costs and Boost Efficiency

This is an exclusive blog written by the President of Foss National Leasing, Jeff Hartley.

As President of Canada’s largest privately-owned fleet management company, I have a comprehensive view of the challenges fleet operators face.

Whether it’s a government fleet of 800 vehicles or a landscaping firm with 15, there are common issues all...

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ev adoption

Key Insights from Canada’s Leading Expert in EV Adoption [Interview]

What are the biggest barriers to EV adoption for fleets?

For many fleet managers, there are major concerns around range anxiety, and an uncertainty about the cost benefits of electric vehicles. But there is good news!

The fact is, there are clear cost saving opportunities for those who adopt electric vehicles. And advancements in public charging, including workplace...

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Fleet Management Tips

Proven Fleet Management Advice for Plumbing Companies

As a plumbing fleet manager, you know the delivery of your services relies on a mobile workforce. It goes without saying that getting your team to the job site is essential for profitable business. But what about finding ways to save money while operating your fleet? And how can you help drivers be more efficient and productive?

Over the years, we’ve worked with a number of plumbing...

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fleet licensing and compliance

6 Fleet Licensing and Compliance Best Practices for 2019

Managing a fleet is a tough job.

For starters, keeping track of each vehicle's plates, tags, and stickers can burn a lot of your valuable time. Although it is an unrewarding task, you need to keep your fleet operational and ensure each vehicle is compliant and up-to-date with licensing and insurance requirements.

Understand your fleet’s total cost of...

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5 Pro Strategies to Improve Factory Order Fleet Delivery Times

As a fleet manager, you probably feel like you need to be constantly replacing your cars, light trucks, and vans. Vehicles inevitably age, and as they do, maintenance costs increase and productivity/availability decreases. And we all know, that puts pressure on a fleet’s operating efficiencies.

Like any smart operator, you want your replacement vehicles to arrive into your fleet with...

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How Fleet Telematics Tracking Keeps Drivers Safe in Winter

Driver safety is among the top concerns for vehicle fleet managers. This concern intensifies during the winter months, when adverse weather produces icy roads and unsafe driving conditions.

And it is not unfounded: roughly 30% of vehicle accidents in Canada occur on snowy or icy roads. Further, more than 50,000 traffic accidents per year are affected by winter precipitation. With such...

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3 Expert Tips to Create an Effective Company Driving Policy

Fleet managers have many responsibilities. Not only are they tasked with selecting the right kind of vehicles for their organization, they must also maintain them, and most importantly, ensure the safety of drivers.

Although a tedious aspect of the job description, fleet managers also create, update, and improve fleet policies and procedures. Implementing policy improvements is not...

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