summer fleet maintenance tips
05 July
Whether summer brings dry heat or humid rain to your region, July is prime time for vehicle maintenance. People assume that winter weather demands extra care. But summer has its own special considerations. If you’re not on top of fleet maintenance, your drivers could be stranded in heat waves or downpours. Not only is extreme weather risky, but it can dampen morale—and productivity. It pays to...
Foss fleet maintenance
26 April
If you have a small-to-medium sized fleet, it might seem economical to manage vehicle maintenance issues by yourself. But a DIY approach involves hands-on and time-consuming tasks. To do it properly you need to keep track of each vehicle's maintenance history. You must know about about vehicle technology, as well as the "going rate" for parts and service. If not, you might: miss critical...
27 June
Any oil and gas fleet management professional will tell you, light truck fleet maintenance is a different ballgame when you are out on oil rigs in remote areas. If you operate a fleet of vehicles under these conditions, working with a fleet management company can help you streamline your maintenance tasks. As a result, you’ll save money, and your vehicles will stay out in the field, doing their...

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