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Top 5 Ways Fleet Management Companies Help Save You Money

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Fleet managers should be as concerned with top line revenue as they are with controlling fleet costs.

Business operators who need vehicles as part of their offering must realize that each company vehicle on the road is a revenue stream supplying a life blood to their business.

For instance, a pest control business cannot operate without light trucks to haul traps, ladders, and equipment to their site.

This scenario plays out exactly the same for all businesses whether you are a plumber, landscaper or electrician.

Mobility is a requirement to deliver your goods or services.


Whether you operate a small fleet or a large fleet, the more vehicles you have on the road, the more money you should be making, in theory. 

That’s where aligning yourself with a fleet management company will pay dividends to increase your bottom line.

They deal with fleets 24/7. It’s what they do.

Like your own business, you are an expert in your field and deliver value to your clients. What if you could be better at what you are doing?

You could provide better service for your clients, giving you a competitive advantage, or you could be charging more for your services, or you could take more time off… or a combination of all three.

Top fleet management companies have systems in place to help businesses be more profitable. Here are some of the essential advantages: 

Top 5 Reasons to Work With a Fleet Management Company

1. You'll reduce your company's vehicle acquisition costs.

2. You can know for sure the vehicles you get are exactly right for their intended purpose.

3. A fleet management company will help you manage your fuel and maintenance costs more easily and effectively.

4. Your fleet vehicles will sell at auctions for consistently more money than if you were to do it yourself.

5. You'll be provided detailed fleet metrics so you can make operational improvements to your existing fleet.

There are also additional benefits that can be tailored to the specific needs of your fleet. 


Use the right tool for the job and you’ll get the best results, whether the result is measured in time, money, effort, quality, or the experience you deliver your clients.

There needs to be a balance between focusing on the costs of your company’s vehicles and the potential revenue each vehicle brings to your business.

A fleet management company can help you achieve that balance, streamline your processes, and save more money.


Article by Ken Payne


One of the central issues that fleet managers can encounter is whether you should reimburse drivers for using their own vehicles or lease your company cars to them.

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